bike touring

bike touring

Love Notes

I'd just finished a very long drive in our van and trailer back from our bicycle tour in Maine. I'd gotten caught in traffic a few times, making the…


Route 66 Epic Bike Tour Blogs

Three women are doing blogs on the Route 66 epic bike tour.  They are: Susan Rosenthal  - Elisabet…


Southern Tier Cross Country 2018 - blogs

Twenty women left San Diego this morning as they begin their ride across the USA via the Southern Tier bicycle route.  So far, two women are…


Blogging the Pacific Coast Tour

Three guests are blogging their way down the Pacific Coast while on tour so that all of us can travel vicariously with them. Here are the links to the…


Blogging their way across the USA

Two of the women who are riding across the USA on our Southern Tier Cross Country tour are blogging their way across the country so we can all share…


We are a community

As a small company, we like to get to know our guests.  This is made easier by the fact that we have so many return customers.  They become…