Bike Equipment

Bike Equipment

Photo shows woman repairing a bicycle.

Q&A with Bike Wrangler Annette Lein

We recently sat down with our Bike Wrangler Annette Lein about the WomanTours rental bike fleet.  Q: We hear WomanTours has new rental…

WomanTours' rental bike fleet now includes Cannondale Topstone 2, a bike that works for all kinds of terrain, from paved roads to crushed stone bike paths.

Our new gravel bikes travel beautifully on both road and trail

We have some exciting news for women who want to rent a bike while traveling on one of our domestic bike tours. This spring we acquired some new…

Image of a smartphone holder mounted to a bicycle handlebar.

Check out our new bike smartphone holders

It’s out with the old and in with the new at the WomanTours rental bike garage. Gone are the little computers that would sit on the handlebars…

rental bicycles for bike tours

Everything you need to know about renting a bike from WomanTours

For most WomanTours domestic excursions, you have a choice of bringing your own bike or renting one from us. Unless you are driving to the start of a…

bike shoes

Happy feet make for happy cycling

There are a few sports you can do barefoot, but bike touring isn’t one of them. Comfortable, well-fitted footwear along with pedals that fit…

Karen Miltner on her bike indoors

If you hate indoor cycling as much as I do...

 “You are one bike ride away from a good mood.” I’d bet a hundred bucks that when British cyclist Sarah Bentley said those…