Check out our new bike smartphone holders

Check out our new bike smartphone holders

by Karen Miltner

Image of a smartphone holder mounted to a bicycle handlebar.
These new smartphone holders are now on all our rental bikes.

It’s out with the old and in with the new at the WomanTours rental bike garage. Gone are the little computers that would sit on the handlebars to track mileage. In their place, new smartphone holders, so you can have your entire life accessible to you while cycling.

Why the change? 

Well, those computers were hard to maintain. They often got damaged in transit and were easily lost. And frankly, they often weren't as accurate as we'd like them to be. As for the new smartphone holders, many guests asked us to supply them, so we got with the program.

We think you will like the switch

Since WomanTours puts all our tour routes on Ride With GPS (RWGPS), you will be able to track your mileage through the RWGPS mobile app on your smartphone. That app also gives verbal cues that make it super easy to stay on course. The phone holders can be rotated so your phone displays either vertical or horizontal. You will still receive paper maps and cues to help you get to your destination.

Do e-bikes also have smartphone holders?

Yes! All of our rental e-bikes still have computers that communicate with the motor so you can control how much electronic assist you want or don’t want. Those computers show mileage too. And they also have the new smartphone holders so you can take advantage of both. Vrooom!

What about Garmin and Wahoo?

If you use a Garmin or Wahoo, those devices come with their own proprietary handlebar attachments. Your guides can help you mount them when you arrive on tour. We will still leave the smartphone holder on the bike so all your bike-friendly tech stuff is at your fingertips.

We know it’s kind of a small thing, but isn’t it the little things that make your day?

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