Two dozen women and their bicycles line up in front of the Pacific Ocean in San Diego before departing on a cross-country bike tour to St. Augustine.

Riding their bikes across the country, these Southern Tier cyclists help others and document their journey

Several of our Cross-Country Southern Tier cyclists are doing good and/or sharing their stories as they pedal their way from San Diego, CA…

A woman in bicycling gear is wearing a surgical mask while standing by the side of the road.

Our revised policy on COVID and respiratory illnesses

COVID & Other Illnesses As forecasted by health experts, there has been an uptick in COVID cases. To keep our tour participants as healthy as…

This is a photo montage of five images: A sunset, two women on a kayak, feet in the sand, a field of horses, and a woman standing alone on a beach.

Announcing the 2023 WomanTours Cluster Photo Contest

Ever since WomanTours began offering the Cluster app as a way for our bike tour guests to share photos with each other, we have discovered that…

Where the journey is as meaningful as the destination: Spain's Camino de Santiago

  WomanTours offers dozens of bicycle tours each year. But only one of those bike tours, Spain: Camino de Santiago, (Sept. 15-22, 2024) doubles…


Check out this Northern Tier Western Half blog!

WomanTours is always excited when one of our guests blogs about her experience bike touring with us. So this blog is to alert you that one of our…

Jackie demonstrates using a bike helmet mirror, which helps her monitor the traffic behind her.

Mirror, mirror on the bike (or helmet, or sunglasses, or arm)

When it comes to bicycle touring safety accessories, helmets seem to get all the attention. We require all our guests and guides to wear them when…