Bike Tour Guides

Bike Tour Guides

This is the book cover of The Breakaway, a new novel by Jennifer Weiner. The cover has an illustration of a winding road with a few pedestrians and a cyclist.

Finally, a novel about a bike tour!

Anyone who has ever been on a guided bike tour or actually guided a group bike tour herself will relate to Jennifer Weiner’s new novel, The…

Longtime WomanTours Bike Tour Leader Patty Jackson has retired.

We’re going to miss you, Patty!

Patient. Caring. Great chef. Fun gal. Quintessentially competent human being. Absolutely the best. Those are just a few of the words and phrases…

woman wearing a bike helmet

How to adjust your bike helmet and why we want you to bring your own on tour

We are often asked why we require women to bring their own bike helmets on tour with them and don't provide them ourselves.  The reason we do…

WomanTours' Route 66 epic bike tour group gets ready to leave downtown Chicago

Route 66 Epic Bike Tour Blogs

Three women are doing blogs on the Route 66 epic bike tour.  They are: Susan Rosenthal  - Elisabet…

WomanTours Southern Tier Cross-Country Bike Tour 2018 group

Southern Tier Cross Country 2018 - blogs

Twenty women left San Diego this morning as they begin their ride across the USA via the Southern Tier bicycle route.  So far, two women are…

Jenny Shank, Sydnay Bowersox and Chris Fadness on the road in California during a bike tour

Blogging their way across the USA

Two of the women who are riding across the USA on our Southern Tier Cross Country bike tour are blogging their way across the country so we can all…