Words of wisdom from our 2023 Cross-Country: Southern Tier bike riders

Words of wisdom from our 2023 Cross-Country: Southern Tier bike riders

by Karen Miltner

Following the WomanTours packing list is one of the sage pieces of advice that our 2023 Southern Tier riders told us.
Following the WomanTours packing list is one of the sage pieces of advice that our 2023 Southern Tier riders told us.

Are you thinking of riding your bicycle across the country? Are you already signed up for the Cross-Country: Southern Tier bike tour in 2024? If so, here is some advice from riders who rode their bikes across the country with us in 2023.

Pedal some miles before this big cross-country bike tour

“Start with a shorter tour first so you have an idea of what riding for two months might be like. Make sure your bike can make it 3,000 miles without needing parts replaced.”
Lori, Honolulu HI

“You cannot do too much training.”
Letitia, San Diego CA

“If you think about it, just do it. Don't postpone it. Life is short and you will regret if you don't do it. Train for it as much as you can but don't worry, you'll improve during the tour.”
Ewa, Harrison OH

Make sure your bicycle is as ready as you are

“Carefully consider your bicycle choice. The roads on the western half of this ride are ROUGH! Possibly rougher than you have ever ridden before. A more upright riding position with a slightly wider tire won't slow you down much, but an achy, tired body definitely will!”
Cristine, Las Vegas NV

“Ride the bicycle you plan to take for at least six months. Love your saddle or get a new one way before starting the tour to try it out. Have a major tune-up on that bicycle before leaving and ride it a few times after the maintenance to assure everything is perfect.”
Cheryl, Bluffton SC

"Please learn to change tires, as you will have flats."
Laura, Sarles, ND

You do you!

“Relax and enjoy the ride! Do your ride, no one else's. If you want to be head down and focused on your speed, go for it. If you want to meander and look around, do that. Be open to meeting new friends.”
Jenny, Louisville KY

Pack light

“Only take what the packing list tells you to bring. I wore all my clothes and did not mail anything home or need to buy another new. Bring high quality biking shorts and a saddle you know works for you.”
Sherri, Silverthorne CO

Attitude is everything 

"Each day is a new ride, forget about yesterday. It is like starting over. New scenery, new road, new ride. Have the ride you want to. Don't worry about how fast or slow you think you are, we are all headed to the same place.”
Laura, Sarles ND

 “If you want to bike the full (or nearly full) distance, you have to set the riding as the unequivocal priority.”
Bev, Dover NH

“Be adaptable and flexible with each day.”
Connie, Ventura CA

Your bike tour guides and fellow bicycle riders are there for you

“I highly recommend rotating roommates for this tour, as it was a great way to connect with other riders and create friendships with people that you might not ride with every day.
Tammie, Chapin SC

 “Stay healthy and follow WomanTours’ recommendations and you will be just fine.”
Monica, Middletown OH

It's worth it

 “The only advice I have about cross-country tours is that there is a lot of everything. Every kind of road surface, traffic, weather, etc. It's not for everyone. It is such a great feeling to complete such a trip though. It's a huge accomplishment.”
CJ, Jackson WY

“The journey is incredible.”
Noel, Alameda CA

"This trip is harder than you think it will be, and that is when you will learn you are stronger and tougher than you believed you could be."
Cristine, Las Vegas NV 

Watch this video about our 2022 Cross-Country Southern Tier group


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