bike components

bike components

Photo shows woman repairing a bicycle.

Q&A with Bike Wrangler Annette Lein

We recently sat down with our Bike Wrangler Annette Lein about the WomanTours rental bike fleet.  Q: We hear WomanTours has new rental…

rental bicycles for bike tours

Everything you need to know about renting a bike from WomanTours

For most WomanTours domestic excursions, you have a choice of bringing your own bike or renting one from us. Unless you are driving to the start of a…

Grant Petersen’s “Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike”

A biking philosophy for the rest of us

Sometimes you meet up with a piece of writing that articulates a philosophy you’ve lived but never been able to formally express. And when you…

woman bike riding in the winter

Winter’s coming. Keep bike riding.

Shorter days. Colder temperatures. And possibly even snow or ice. If you think winter is a time to put your bike away in storage, think again. In…

woman wearing a bike helmet

How to adjust your bike helmet and why we want you to bring your own on tour

We are often asked why we require women to bring their own bike helmets on tour with them and don't provide them ourselves.  The reason we do…

WomanTours' Route 66 epic bike tour group gets ready to leave downtown Chicago

Route 66 Epic Bike Tour Blogs

Three women are doing blogs on the Route 66 epic bike tour.  They are: Susan Rosenthal  - Elisabet…