Cross-Country: Southern Tier

Cross-Country: Southern Tier

58 Day Cross-country Bike Tour

Tour Information

Date: 03/04/20 - 04/30/20
Meet: San Diego, CA
Tour Price: $11990
Single Upgrade: $4200

Are you interested in bicycling cross-country? Coast to coast? Across America? Then here’s your chance for an unforgettable cross-country bike journey from San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida. For women only!


The tour still has space. Make your travel arrangements.



Longer miles per day over flat to hilly terrain, including some longer climbs.

All lodging, breakfasts, dinners and snacks on riding days, SAG stops every 20 miles, luggage transfers every day, detailed maps, cue sheets and GPS files, a bike maintenance class, mechanical instruction and support, state line crossing parties, send-off banquet, celebration dinner, airport transfers, and trained guides.


Cross-Country: Southern Tier

Not available for cross-country tours.

Fly into San Diego, CA and out of Jacksonville, FL. Our starting hotel has a complimentary shuttle from the San Diego airport. We provide a complimentary shuttle from our ending hotel in St. Augustine to the Jacksonville airport, arriving by 11:00am on the last day of the tour.

"We were all from different states and unacquainted with one another before our southern tier adventure. We formed lasting friendships with each other and we have a reunion every other year, planned and hosted by one of us in our own “backyard.” This year we will meet in May in Puerto Rico. One gal has a vacation home there, is making the arrangements, and will show us the sites. My best wishes for this year’s group. May they be as lucky as we were to find friends for life!"

Donna B. Carnelian Bay, CA

Tour Details

We designed this tour with women over 50 in mind, but women of any age are welcome. We will dip our tires into the Pacific Ocean on Friday down the road from our hotel catching the sunrise over the city. Our route takes us on a bike path as we leave the city of San Diego. We then begin the adventure of a lifetime over back roads of the southernmost part of the United States.

Along the way we’ll experience scenic, rural America and small town hospitality. Our van carries your luggage. Dry, warm beds and a hot shower await you every night. No camping for us! Descriptive, "can't get lost" maps by Adventure Cycling, as well as our own detailed cue sheets and electronic GPS files show you the way.

After 4 days of cycling, we will have our first day off to let our bodies recover from conquering the mountains east of San Diego, and to prepare for more "bumps" ahead. Our miles per day are moderate and we'll feel ourselves getting stronger with every mile.

There will be 8 rest days over the course of the trip. We schedule these at scenic stops where there is an opportunity to explore the area. We strongly believe in giving everyone time to see the natural wonders of our country and to relax to keep our bodies healthy and strong.

We ride from the beach in California, through the saguaro desert of Arizona, over the continental divide in New Mexico and into the wildflowers of Texas. Then it’s on to the bayou of Louisiana, across the Mississippi River, and onto the white sand beaches at Dauphin Island of Alabama. Finally, we celebrate our finish in the nation’s oldest city of St. Augustine, Florida.

We offer a reasonable price. You’ll find we have the cheapest per day rate for any hotel cross-country bike touring company.

We include maps by Adventure Cycling along with our own easy-to-read cue sheets and GPS files.

We carry your luggage, and you, if necessary.

We offer healthy, home-cooked meals prepared by our traveling chef who understands the “performance food” needed to undertake such a challenge. She'll accommodate food allergies and provide a non-meat protein source for vegetarians, but if you require a vegan or gluten-free diet, there will be a small surcharge. 

We support the tour with two vehicles equipped with supplies, first aid, food and water.

We limit the group size to approximately 25 plus staff. You’re neither alone nor anonymous. We guarantee you’ll make some lifelong friends along the way.

TO JOIN: Register on-line or call us at 800-247-1444 to make your nonrefundable registration deposit of $300. The first payment of $2,000 is due October 1, 2019 and is nonrefundable and nontransferable. The second payment of $3000 is due December 1, 2019. The balance of the trip fee is due January 15, 2020. Save 2% if you make your payments by check.

DISCOUNTS: Sign up for any shorter, domestic WomanTours trip in 2019 when you register for the 2020 Southern Tier tour and receive a 10% discount on the shorter tour.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: The $300 registration fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. The first payment of $2,000 due October 1 is also nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you cancel after you’ve made your second payment but prior to January 15, then $2500 is refundable. The remainder of your payments is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

TRIP INSURANCE: We will provide you with a source for trip cancellation/interruption insurance. We strongly recommend insurance, especially for a trip of this magnitude.

TOUR DETAILS: Help on training, transportation, packing, and an itinerary will be sent upon receipt of your registration fee. We will also mail you periodic Prep Talk newsletters to help you prepare for the trip. For more information, including links to blogs kept by past participants, read the testimonials or contact us and we’d be happy to mail you more details. This trip usually has a wait list, so don’t hesitate. Sign up today!

SAG VOLUNTEERS: We use 4 volunteers to drive a support car during this tour. Each driver works once every fourth day supporting the riders until the last cyclist finishes for the day. She provides food, drinks, flat tire assistance and moral support, and becomes an integral part in the success of the tour. In return, each volunteer receives a discount of 40% off the full tour price. If you’re interested in a position, please email or call us.

Cross-Country: Southern Tier Itinerary

Date Location Miles
Mar 4, 2020 San Diego, CA 0
Mar 5, 2020 Alpine, CA 39
Mar 6, 2020 Jacumba, CA 46
Mar 7, 2020 Brawley, CA 68
Mar 8, 2020 Blythe, CA 88
Mar 9, 2020 Blythe, CA 0
Mar 10, 2020 Salome, AZ 63
Mar 11, 2020 Wickenburg, AZ 54
Mar 12, 2020 Mesa, AZ 83
Mar 13, 2020 Mesa, AZ 0
Mar 14, 2020 Tonto Basin, AZ 85
Mar 15, 2020 Globe, AZ 52
Mar 16, 2020 Safford, AZ 76
Mar 17, 2020 Lordsburg, NM 77
Mar 18, 2020 Silver City, NM 46
Mar 19, 2020 Silver City, NM 0
Mar 20, 2020 Kingston, NM 47
Mar 21, 2020 Las Cruces, NM 88
Mar 22, 2020 El Paso, TX 57
Mar 23, 2020 Sierra Blanca, TX 86
Mar 24, 2020 Van Horn, TX 32
Mar 25, 2020 Fort Davis, TX 91
Mar 26, 2020 Fort Davis, TX 0
Mar 27, 2020 Marathon, TX 54
Mar 28, 2020 Sanderson, TX 54
Mar 29, 2020 Del Rio, TX 119
Mar 30, 2020 Bracketville, TX 33
Mar 31, 2020 Camp Wood, TX 48
Apr 1, 2020 Vanderpool, TX 39
Apr 2, 2020 Fredericksburg, TX 79
Apr 3, 2020 Fredericksburg, TX 0
Apr 4, 2020 Austin, TX 77
Apr 5, 2020 Bastrop, TX 54
Apr 6, 2020 La Grange, TX 41
Apr 7, 2020 Navasota, TX 69
Apr 8, 2020 Navasota, TX 0
Apr 9, 2020 Cleveland, TX 72
Apr 10, 2020 Silsbee, TX 63
Apr 11, 2020 Lake Charles, LA 77
Apr 12, 2020 Lafayette, LA 82
Apr 13, 2020 St. Francisville, LA 99
Apr 14, 2020 St. Francisville, LA 0
Apr 15, 2020 Hammond, LA 88
Apr 16, 2020 Bogalusa, LA 56
Apr 17, 2020 Wiggins, MS 60
Apr 18, 2020 Pascagoula, AL 68
Apr 19, 2020 Dauphin Island, AL 42
Apr 20, 2020 Dauphin Island, AL 0
Apr 21, 2020 Pensacola, FL 63
Apr 22, 2020 Crestview, FL 65
Apr 23, 2020 Marianna, FL 91
Apr 24, 2020 Quincy, FL 53
Apr 25, 2020 Crawfordville, FL 48
Apr 26, 2020 Perry, FL 52
Apr 27, 2020 High Springs, FL 76
Apr 28, 2020 Palatka, FL 74
Apr 29, 2020 St. Augustine, FL 47
Apr 30, 2020 Tour Ends: Shuttle to Jacksonville, FL 0