Where can I get travel insurance?

We recommend working with Allianz Travel Insurance. Many of our guests have used them in the past and never reported a problem. Be sure to enter ACCAM code #F027213 to identify yourself as a WomanTours traveler when securing your insurance. The cost will depend on several factors, including your age, state of residence, and ength and location of your tour.

For more information please visit the Allianz Travel Insurance website

Here’s what Susan S. wrote after a fall during our Arizona Spring Training 2012 tour:
"I also want to Thank You for recommending travel insurance! It was essential. I believe my hospital bills will be covered or minimal, but the primary benefit was leaving it to them to arrange my way home with an EMT medic. I couldn’t fly from Tucson because the planes were small and required climbing a dozen stairs. They arranged a comfortable car to Phoenix, 1st class seats and a comfortable car to my home. All in all, life is good."