Where can I get travel insurance?

We recommend working with Allianz Travel Insurance. Many of our guests have used them in the past and never reported a problem. Be sure to enter ACCAM code #F027213 to identify yourself as a WomanTours traveler when securing your insurance.

For more information please visit the Allianz Travel Insurance website

Here’s what Susan S. wrote after a fall during our Arizona Spring Training 2012 tour:

"I also want to Thank You for recommending travel insurance! It was essential for $122. I believe my hospital bills will be covered or minimal, but the primary benefit was leaving it to them to arrange my way home with an EMT medic. I couldn’t fly from Tucson because the planes were small and required climbing a dozen stairs. They arranged a comfortable car to Phoenix, 1st class seats and a comfortable car to my home. All in all, life is good."