woman owned business

woman owned business

WomanTours Bike Tour Luggage Tags

How our new bike tour luggage tags inspire us

First, there was the toilet paper shortage. WomanTours persevered. But running out of bike tour luggage tags for our guests during a pandemic? That…

woman wearing a bike helmet

How to adjust your bike helmet and why we want you to bring your own on tour

We are often asked why we require women to bring their own bike helmets on tour with them and don't provide them ourselves.  The reason we do…

WomanTours' Route 66 epic bike tour group gets ready to leave downtown Chicago

Route 66 Epic Bike Tour Blogs

Three women are doing blogs on the Route 66 epic bike tour.  They are: Susan Rosenthal  - https://susansbiketrip2018.com/ Elisabet…

WomanTours Southern Tier Cross-Country Bike Tour 2018 group

Southern Tier Cross Country 2018 - blogs

Twenty women left San Diego this morning as they begin their ride across the USA via the Southern Tier bicycle route.  So far, two women are…


Blogging the Pacific Coast Bike Tour

Three guests are blogging their way down the Pacific Coast while on their bike tour so that all of us can travel vicariously with them. Here are the…

R Community Bikes founder Dan Lill in their Rochester warehouse

Sharing bikes with those in need

We are so lucky in Rochester to have a place like R Community Bikes.  First and foremost, it gives area residents in need a free refurbished…