Northwest Loop Epic Tour

Northwest Loop Epic Tour

31 Day Epic Trip

Tour Information

Date: 07/31/24 - 08/30/24
Meet: Troutdale, OR
Time: 2:00pm
Tour Price: $9290
Single Upgrade: $2890

We’ve chosen the most beautiful sections of the TransAmerica, Pacific Coast, and the Lewis & Clark bicycle routes and created a wonderful loop through the northwest. This tour includes some of everything – the lush rain forest of the Columbia River Valley of Washington, the high desert of eastern Oregon, the Seven Devils Mountain Range of Idaho and the Pacific Coast of Oregon. We run this tour like our cross-country tours. When we ran it the first time in 2009, many of the women declared it their favorite of all our epic tours.


Almost Sold Out

The tour is guaranteed and has only one or a couple spaces left.



1390 miles with an average of 48 miles per day with 5 rest days. You’ll experience all types of terrain in all types of weather. Advanced cycling level. Easier with an e-bike and shuttling.

All lodging, breakfasts, dinners and snacks on riding days, SAG support, luggage transfers cue sheets and electronic GPS files, mechanical support, send-off banquet, celebration dinner, and trained guides.

$495 for Specialized Vita hybrid or Cannondale Topstone 2 adventure road bike. $995 for Specialized Vado step-thru e-bike.







Accommodations are subject to minor changes.

Best Western Cascade Inn

Fly into and out of the Portland International Airport (PDX) in Oregon or take the train. Then take Uber, Lyft or a taxi to the starting hotel.

Katie Newbury

Katie Newbury
Tour Leader

Cy Pugh

Cy Pugh
Tour Leader

Emily Rose

Emily Rose
Tour Leader/Chef

Northwest Loop Oregon Bike Tour Details

Day 1: We begin the tour in Troutdale, Oregon, just 15 miles outside of Portland, Oregon, considered to be one of the most bicycle friendly cities in America. It is full of bike paths and boutique bike-building companies, so you may want to arrive early to explore Portland on your own. We'll start our tour with an orientation at 2:00pm, followed by a bike prep session. There will be an optional fix-a-flat workshop out in the parking lot. In the evening, we'll celebrate our upcoming adventure with an opening banquet. 0 miles.

Days 2-29: We leave Troutdale heading east through the Columbia River Gorge. We’ll continue along the Columbia River Valley and the Snake River Canyon to the Seven Devils Range and the Blue Mountains. Then we’ll hit the Pacific Coast, and head north to our final destination of Portland, Oregon. The route overlaps beautiful sections of the TransAmerica, the Lewis and Clark and the Pacific Coast routes.

Once at our hotel for the evening, our traveling chef prepares a wholesome, home-cooked dinner, and then we get into bed early, ready to rise with the sun and begin anew.

Our days will quickly fall into a comfortable rhythm. We start early with a light breakfast provided by the hotel, pack our bike bags with snacks of raisins, nuts and peanut butter sandwiches, and make sure we have an extra layer of clothing and perhaps a rain jacket with us. We leave on our own, usually between 7-8am. We follow electronic cues or the printed cue sheets that have been meticulously prepared for us.

We each ride at our own pace, sometimes alone and sometimes in small groups. We stop where we want along the way to take photographs of an historical site, a blooming coneflower or a humorous misspelled sign. Sometimes, we’ll stop at a diner for homemade pie, a café for cold iced tea or a farm stand for fresh produce and local news.

About every 15 - 20 miles, we’ll meet our SAG vehicle. It holds water, snacks, tire repair tools and a first aid kit. Even if we don’t need anything, we’ll stop to chat and talk about the wonderful tailwind or the panoramic view. If we’re too tired to bike anymore, we’ll take a ride in the SAG vehicle to our hotel for the night. The SAG makes sure everyone is in safely at the end of the day.

We soon realize that some of the women on the tour intend to ride every mile, while others are more concerned with seeing the country. Some chose the tour with a desire to take a break from their daily routines; others are attracted by the challenge, while still others just want to meet other women who love bicycling. We range in age from 30 to 80 but the majority of us are in our 60s.

Once at our hotel, we find our luggage, (delivered earlier by the WomanTours van and trailer,) check-in to our room, and meet our roommate. We rotate roommates every night we change lodgings, unless you've requested the upgrade for a single room or have a specific roommate. There's time to shower before dinner and perhaps take a dip in the hotel pool. Most of our lodgings will be at chain hotels, such as Best Westerns or Holiday Inns, and most of us will be in double occupancy rooms.

If anyone has experienced bike problems during the day, we'll use the time before dinner to work with the guide to fix it. She can adjust brakes and shifting, fix flat tires and do other simple repairs. If it's a more complicated repair, the bike will go to a trained mechanic at a nearby shop.

The WomanTours van and trailer carry spare tires, tubes and a large tool case. We’ll learn to work together to help everyone fix her own flat tires, as we’ll probably each get a couple during the trip.


  • Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
  • Nez Perce and Payette National Forests
  • Lewis & Clark Expedition interpretive centers
  • Columbia River Gorge
  • Snake & Clearwater Rivers
  • Cascade Mountains
  • Willamette Valley
  • Pacific Coast
  • Oregon, Washington & Idaho

Then we eat dinner together, scrumptiously prepared for us by our traveling chef. She creates hearty and healthy dishes from our trailer kitchen, served buffet style. While she will accommodate guests with specific allergies and provide a nonmeat protein source for vegetarians, she cannot always adhere to everyone’s likes and dislikes. We ask that you be flexible. If you require a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or other special diet, there is an additional charge of $250.  

After dinner, the guide holds a map meeting to discuss the highlights of the day and to go over the details of the next day’s route.

About once a week, we’ll enjoy a day off from cycling. We use it to explore our surroundings and go out to eat. We’ll have time to do some laundry, clean our bikes, email home or read a book. Mostly, it’s time to give our bodies a chance to rest.

We’ll feel our bodies get stronger during the month. Some of us will lose weight. All of us will admit that we’ve never been healthier in our lives. We’ll help one another through particularly difficult days or celebrating together over accomplishments never before thought possible. We’ll make memories together we’ll never want to forget.

Day 30: After an overnight stay in St. Helens, OR, we finish our bike tour with a short ride into Portland. That will give us plenty of time to pack our bikes to prepare them for shipping home or bringing on the plane with us. We’ll close with a final banquet, open only to tour participants, to reminisce about our month-long accomplishment. And we’ll wonder how we’ll ever get back to our daily routine at home again.

Day 31: After breakfast, we say our heartfelt goodbyes and take the WomanTours shuttle to the Portland, OR (PDX) airport or train station, arriving at 9:30am. You are also free to take an Uber, Lyft or taxi at your leisure. 0 miles.

REGISTRATION DETAILS: To sign up for the Northwest Loop Tour, we require a nonrefundable, nontransferable $300 deposit. The first payment of $1000 is due January 1, 2024, and is nonrefundable and nontransferable. The balance of the trip fee is due May 15, 2024. After that time, there will be no refunds or credits.

DISCOUNTS: Sign up for a shorter domestic tour at the same time in 2023 or 2024 and receive a 5% discount on that tour.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: The $300 registration fee and the first payment of $1000 due January 1, 2024 are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Once the balance is paid on May, 15th there will be no refunds or credits.

TRIP INSURANCE: We strongly recommend trip cancellation and interruption insurance, especially for a trip of this magnitude.

TOUR DETAILS: We will provide you with a detailed packing list, advice for clothing, sample training schedule, and a series of Prep Talk newsletters to help you prepare for the tour after receipt of your registration.

Northwest Loop Itinerary (tentative)

Date Location Miles
Jul 31, 2024 Troutdale, OR 0
Aug 1, 2024 Cascade Locks, OR 33 (+2,085'/-2,039')
Aug 2, 2024 Biggs Junction, OR 67 (+3,362'/-3,281')
Aug 3, 2024 Hermiston, OR 92 (+3,753'/-3,535')
Aug 4, 2024 Walla Walla, WA 54 (+1,631'/-1,137')
Aug 5, 2024 Walla Walla, WA 0
Aug 6, 2024 Dayton, WA 31 (+2,163'/-1,486-)
Aug 7, 2024 Clarkston, ID 66 (+3,136'/-4,002')
Aug 8, 2024 Grangeville, ID 87 (+6,563'/-3,053')
Aug 9, 2024 Riggins, ID 51 (+2,753'/-4,345')
Aug 10, 2024 Riggins, ID 0
Aug 11, 2024 Cambridge, OR 81 (+4,011'/-3,145')
Aug 12, 2024 Halfway, OR 57 (+3,556'/-3,563')
Aug 13, 2024 Baker City, OR 54 (+3,769'/-2,976')
Aug 14, 2024 Baker City, OR 0
Aug 15, 2024 John Day, OR 80 (+4,781'/-5,143')
Aug 16, 2024 Mitchell, OR 69 (+3,221'/-3,517')
Aug 17, 2024 Prineville, OR 47 (+2,734'/-2,634')
Aug 18, 2024 Sisters, OR 52 (+1,609'/-1,307')
Aug 19, 2024 Sisters, OR 0
Aug 20, 2024 Rainbow, OR 44 (+2,393'/-4,342')
Aug 21, 2024 Springfield, OR 54 (+1,079'/-1,878')
Aug 22, 2024 Albany, OR 60 (+1,037'/-1,250')
Aug 23, 2024 Dallas, OR 40 (+938'/-816')
Aug 24, 2024 Pacific City, OR 47 (+2,083'/-2,416')
Aug 25, 2024 Manzanita, OR 61 (+3,548'/-3,535')
Aug 26, 2024 Manzanita, OR 0
Aug 27, 2024 Astoria, OR 45 (+3,111'/-3,137')
Aug 28, 2024 St. Helens, OR 87 (+5,201'/-5,116')
Aug 29, 2024 Portland, OR 38 (+2,895'/-2,916')
Aug 30, 2024 Home 0