New protocols for touring in the age of Covid-19

New protocols for touring in the age of Covid-19

by WomanTours Staff

Tour specialist Michelle Cooley is armed and dangerous. Take that, coronavirus!

We realize that the coronavirus is a reality that is going to be with us for a while, so our upcoming tours will run differently than in the past. But rest assured, you will still experience great biking, camaraderie and adventure that are the hallmarks of all our tours.

The following Covid-19 protocols will stay in effect as long as the threat of Covid-19 is present. We will continue to monitor the situation for each tour and update these protocols as needed. If you are signed up for an upcoming tour with us, here is what you need to know.

Discount on single room upgrades
We are temporarily suspending our roommate rotation option. In some cases, we are reducing the single room upgrades to make it more affordable to have your own room. Guests who have already paid for this upgrade on certain tours will receive a partial refund.

Tour size
We have reduced the maximum capacity of tours to keep groups smaller. This will help us maintain safe distancing during meals, group meetings and shuttling.

All guests and guides are required to bring their own masks on tour and wear those masks any time they are not able to keep a safe distance of 6 feet from others. This includes shuttling in WomanTours vehicles. If masks are cloth, we recommend bringing at least two so one can be washed and dried while the other is in use.

Social distancing
During meals, orientations and other gatherings, we will practice social distancing, spreading seats apart or requiring masks to be worn when that distance cannot be met. Instead of hugs, handshakes and high fives, we encourage peace signs, namaste bows and other creative non-contact greetings.

Thermometers and hand sanitizers
We ask guests to bring their own thermometers and take their temperatures each morning. While WomanTours will have hand sanitizer available during meals and group gatherings, we also ask guests to have their own supply on their person for times when there is no hand sanitizer available, such as when they are cycling.

No guests of guests
Given the circumstance, we are temporarily suspending the opportunity for family members or friends of guests to join the group for meals.

All meals will either be in restaurants or prepared by WomanTours guides following stricter food safety and Covid-19 protocols, and will be eaten outdoors whenever possible.

Pay close attention to your health 14 days before the start of the tour, during the tour and 14 days after the tour. If you start to feel ill during the tour, let your guide know as soon as possible.

More stringent cleaning protocols
WomanTours guides and SAG volunteers have stepped up cleaning and disinfecting protocols for our van, trailer, SAG vehicle, and for food service, bike repairs and all other related areas. We will also make sure our tour partners and vendors follow these practices.

We will continue to closely watch coronavirus-related national, state and local directives to determine if we can safely run future tours. If we deem it necessary to cancel a tour, we will inform tour registrants 45 days before the start of their tour. Tour balances will be due at that time if we are running the trip. If tour registrants choose to cancel a tour before that time, our normal cancellation policy applies.

Travel Insurance: Travelex travel insurance policies will cover travelers if they contract COVID-19 before or during their trip. Please see or 800-228-9792 to obtain a quote. 

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